King in the captivity!

Around 4:30 AM, a lady comes into my short term refuge – a restroom in the corner of an apartment. Gone are the days, when I used to be the king, roaming out of liberty to move anywhere in the lush greens.


The human encroachment, a never ending process which most of us undergo, losing our abodes, shooing us off to live in the dark, a narrow, unhygienic residence – unimaginable. What if we respond the same way? Making them super powers of this planet is the incredible mistake the Almighty makes each day, we feel. Neither can we communicate nor does HE understand.

She succeeds in bringing her loudest scream drawing attention of a 4.8 footer who claims to be her husband and another couple of folks (must be her elder son and some relatives).


This person with some little device in his hand (I barely remember what they call it – may be a mobile) started gathering people around him. I had nothing to do with whatever they discuss.

So I slowly moved out and resorted to yet another dark place trying to take some rest out of this hustle-bustle. Suddenly I realise some flashing on my face which I thought could be of so many other people with these electronic devices wished to say “Hi” to me, rather staring at me.

I am least bothered, who cares. The place looked fine for me so decided to take a nap. Suddenly something pops up on my mind. Why the heck I am here at all? Oh!yes. Some sewerage canal encroachment relief program held by the government the day before that brought on some huge machines, some so called JCBs pulled me out of my hiding. But then the driver ignored the bushes he uprooted and left me entangled in them.

I think they would have seen me dead, had the realised I was camouflaging in those bushes. May be some more rats, goats deserve to get into my slithery chamber. LOL!

Fine, back to reality. So a couple of cops accompanied by a snake catcher (Mr.X – for now that I am not introduced to him – LOL) add to the already existing excitement around me.whatsapp-image-2016-10-02-at-08-53-55

Close to 50+ people must be there I think. Then this Mr.X, my catcher, slowly advances towards me with a small iron rod which was roughly less than a quarter of my whole length. In vain, he makes his first attempt. Seemed he has been trained well to catch one of my kind but then he has no tools to catch me, though!

Now he comes up with a much bigger PVC pipe kind of stuff and succeeds in seizing my tail – what all he could get, very funny. (there’s a saying among humans – Clench the hair, if fail, fall on the feet – to get your task done!). Not for my blessings for sure, this Mr.X holds my tail and makes whatever attempts possible to reach my head.

I thought of having some fun time (kings too love to be naughty at times) and started crawling over the free space I could find.

Mr.X has been literally sweating out to catch hold of me completely. About 15 minutes later, he manages to get a water drum and gets me inside. I try being disciplined this time and slowly move into that object (drum).

I am looking for my safety and they – theirs.🙂

Everything goes dark for sometime and then it seemed someone tried to manually drill the drum’s lid but that makes a huge hole eligible for me to pass through. Giving a vague look at that person (author’s bro – Anil), Mr.X has me slid out of it and one more celebrity show. This time so many videographers and photographers around me; and this Mr.X busy finding out ways to catch hold of my neck. At least he could have given a moment for a nice smiley from me, so selfish of him, aargh!. Using a small log, somehow he catches hold of my neck and has me swirl round his shoulders. This time he gives a nice pose for the snaps, I only had to laugh to myself thinking of his mettle. Poor guy – seems he hardly is aware that – Kings only surrender, none catches them!

Then he gets me into a small sack and slips out of the place in the cops vehicle. I am not pretty sure if he’s gonna hand me over to another place of captivity. Yes, I am the King Python, now in some captivity!!!!

SriManasV – Author

To be or Not to be!

These are my views about the ‘Rainy days’ all over and uncontrollable conditions.

rainsప్రకోపం – ప్రకృతికి వచ్చిన కోపంగా చెప్పొచ్చు. ఇష్టానుసారం చెట్లను నరికి చెరువులు నాలాలు కబ్జా చేసి Nature layout ని మన layout గా మార్చి. పై పెచ్చు lush greens  లో అద్భుతమైన project  అని marketing చేసుకుని మురిసిపోతాం. పక్కోడిని ఊదరగొడతాం కొనుక్కునే దాకా!

మన నాలాలు మనమే తవ్వుకుని అందులో జనాలు పడుతుంటే వీడియోలు తీసి whatsapp లో షేర్ చేసి ముసలి కన్నీట్లో కొట్టుకుపోతుంటాం! కదూ?

ఇంకా ఎన్నెన్నో మన చిద్విలాసాలు!

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 presetమన పక్కింటి వాడు ఒక అంగుళం గోడ పెంచి కడితే గోల గోల చేసే మనం, ప్రకృతి layout ని మార్చి వేస్తే ఎం జరగొచ్చు అనే దానికి భయంకర ప్రళయ సమాధానం గత వారం పది రోజులుగా కురుస్తున్న కుండపోత వర్షాలు.

So let us do this, let’s do that…this is all momentary emotional pseudo reaction we offer to nature in response to any natural calamity.

Hey it’s not my problem!

Then whose???

When in problem we start thinking of how to be safe next time and involve ourselves in non-productive post-mortem activities.

Problem’s over – we get back to relaxed mode. A vicious loop which we have meticulously designed to get into every time. And surprisingly we have mastered the art! Kudos to all of us for having such innate talents.

Everybody speaks of oceanic traffic in most of the cities in this world. One individual in each car. 100 such cars occupy the whole length of roads.traffic

We do not have to prove to ANYONE that we can afford a car, or we have a nice trendy car, or we are the best drivers. World cares Sh*t about how you commute to your workplace – is what I feel.

Nothing to offend anyone. When travelling with family or friends take them along, drive safe, enjoy the weekend or party time.

Who said you cannot afford a car. Who are showing off that you have a trendy car, who are you impressing thatcar2.

CAn We do This!

In a somewhat different way – 1 individual – 1 bike or 4-5 individuals – carpooling.

This not only reduces the number of vehicles on road also minimizes the amount of space utilized in general.

I am skeptic about how many of us can adopt this, 2 out of 100 – that’s human attitude. We cannot help it. We need a BIG BANG of our show off things among friends, colleagues, relatives etc.

Thanks to a couple of my cousins, friends and myself and those “who literally feel for the society each day, each minute and are ready to struggle at the cost of their own comfort and safety”.

People may think we are misers and comment that we are brooding over our four wheelers. But certainly NOT. It is the way we are being socially responsible.

Nature’s holy shower

కాలుష్యపు కోరల్లో చిక్కుకున్న ప్రకృతి, మనం చేసే ప్రయత్నాలు ఫలించడంలేదని, తనకు తానే శుద్ధోదక స్నానం చేసినట్టుంది.


కొన్ని దశాబ్దాలుగా పట్టిన మురికి పోవాలంటే కొన్ని వారాలైనా శుద్ధి చేసుకోక తప్పదు. 

Am I lazy!

If you can get up from your bed in the morning then you cannot call yourself lazy.


If you believe you are lazy – try these

  • Can you stop breathing?
  • Can you stop thinking?
  • Can you cease to smell, see, touch, hear, taste?

Yes, then you are lazy. No, then you are not. Start consuming up the enormous fuel of energy you have in the subconscious mind.

Nobody’s a loser until death! Make winning your habit, your addiction!

Sweeties 30

సుఖాలలో మనిషి మబ్బులలో తేలితే, కష్టాలు మబ్బులలోని నీటి తో పాటు మనిషిని కిందకు దింపి (క)నీళ్ల లో ఈదేట్టు చేస్తాయి.


But అక్కడే ధైర్యమనే సూర్యుడు hero లా entry  ఇచ్చేస్తాడు, sometimes!