My Musings

And here I am!!! Back to my natural self. Resuming the write-up, that’s solely my own.🙂

August 29th, very happy to celebrate ‘Vinayaka Chavithi’ @ ‘My Home’. You can easily see a sense of pride when I say ‘My Home’. The pride I have while I enjoy being in own home today. It’s been a year I moved to this ‘achievement’ with my family, August 23rd.

The journey was not so easy and it’s known to all my near and dear, the hardships and hard work that went into accomplishing this ‘sweet’ piece of success.

This is one part of it. The other side that muses me at this moment is ‘am I really happy from inside?’. I feel or rather I believe I am not. People around me have always helped me to make myself more fit for situations, and to grow…than I deserve. At each stage of life, I have a new task / lesson to learn and grow-up.

I am now thinking of one thing – are desires and learning same? For the fact that both keep you restless.

  • You have need something and you are not happy because you do not have it at this moment.
  • You want to learn become impatient or passionate to get that because you do not have the ‘skillset’ at this moment.

My current challenge is to learn and grow; so that I can step-up to next wrung. Whether I have taken the challenge or not, forms part of ‘my musings’ again.

See you soon!

My Travelogue – SriSailam

Hey All,

It’s been so long I am here….never mind I am back with my travelogue.

Last Saturday, i.e., on Feb 01 once again I had been to SriSailam. But this was altogether a different experience.

With Whom: My colleagues / friends Rabi Chattar, Sunil, Brahmanand (this is one hard pie to get over / will tell you more about him in a separate article), and of course my son, Bunty.

When did we start: Rabi and Sunil came home on 31 Jan, and we woke up at 4:30 in the morning (1st Feb) picked up Brahmanand and rushed off on the road to SriSailam.

What was so exciting: A glimpse of Deer and Sambhar, peacocks, langoors, etc added to our excitement besides the jaunt to Akka MahaDevi Caves.

Any adventures: Yes, indeed. Usually, I would take down the ghat road by 4:30 pm before sunset. But this time, our sojourn to caves delayed our start of return journey, I should say. I was driving in dark through those sharp bends and curves on ghats. Had a sigh of relief once my car had a whoooooooooooooo down the road at the other end connecting us to Hyderabad highway.🙂

Tell me more about the caves:

Well! Once we entered SriSailam, and paid visit to the shrine of Sri Mallikarjuna and Bhramaraambika devi, we came out and had lunch at a hotel nearby. Bunty was not feeling comfortable somehow. But I succeeded in making him smile by getting him the toy basket ball kit he wished for.

Then we moved towards the PatalGanga, climbed down some 600 steps and took the private steamer service (Gangabhavani was what written on that). They charged 200 per adult and 100 per kid. We were only 5 and then by the time we started, they were approx. 30 on the whole.

A 16 kilometer drive on the water with a stretch of mountain throughout will leave you in a magical trance, a 1 hour journey (one-way) is just awesome!!! Once we got down near the caves, a short treck lead us to the foot of the cave. Only one person at a time was allowed inside to have a look of the tiny ‘Siva lingam’. One has to bend low and walk to prevent any bumps on the head and reach up to the actual location of ‘Siva linga’.

On the way, one will find groups of fishermen dwelling on the foot of the mountains. They come early on steamers and stay there till evening fishing, as we were told by the boats-men.

We started at 3 pm and returned by 6 pm just to climb 600 and odd steps up to get into our car, panting.

Climax scene:

Quite hard it was for us to move a bit, but me being the sole driver of the group had to rejuvenate myself with just a cup of tea. I was literally suffering from a headache and had no other go except to drive back home as soon as possible.

My friends were quite cooperative. Sunil got me some medicine which relieved me from the kind of suffering. It was nearly 1 am when we reached home.

On the whole, it was an exciting and adventurous trip, a little bit different from the regular SriSailam trip. :))

See you soon with another travelogue as I have decided to capture most of the archaeological pieces I can into my life here on.

No More Reasons

You ask for reasons and 7 out of 10 times you will get to know wonderful reasons flavoured by a smile, sprouting from lies.

Truth is such an iron pea, hard to digest, hard to spit and too loud to listen.

The list of liers is countless…don’t mind..but I must  admit I too am part it. Of course I would never lie to you if your heart is so strong as the ‘Great Wall of China’ and not the ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’.

These days myself, am too much engaged in my new job, social work (a bit of it), and settling down in life, making trials for a ‘Sweet Home’.

Whatelse to share here, I am in touch with my friends and colleagues and all my near & dear.

Planning to visit SriSailam on my younger one’s Bi’day, this 21st (July 2013).

Majorly, I am passionate about gifting a home to my beloved.

Wish me all the best, guys!!!

Roses and thorns seeming around


A very long gap as I feel….but things around me compel to say something here to myself and caretakers as you….

Stuck amongst roses and thorns for the past few weeks, confused as what to do, what to say, where to go…finally landed here to jot down pieces of grief and happiness, a mixed feel

Feel like somebody’s sucking away my positivism towards every hell of life. 

Great God, bestow upon me the showers of life and everlasting energy to win back my Everest of confidence and Pacific of creativity!

Blessed again

I do not know how many times one gets blessed by the Almighty.

But yes, in my case, if Lord Shiva bestows upon me his grace initially, Sai Ram has immediately showered the blessings by providing me a glorious opportunity to write for him.

Will share the URL shortly!!!

Keep watching here till then, Sai Ram!!!


Mother Teresa s…

Mother Teresa said: “We only want the broken biscuits you discard. Thank God we have no union problems. We work for God; there are no unions.’
Mr. Mukherjee picked up the phone and ordered forty large tins of broken biscuits to be delivered.

Oh Mother! please come back. You have spent the entire life of yours to a country which was foreign to you. You showed us the true ‘WAY’ of living, the expression our souls must have developed for the needy.

Today, I felt deeply to jot down a few words on the ‘Little’ humans, who are deprived of parental love and care; but born into this world to struggle for survival.

We spend a lot for parties, treats, sittings and many a kind of synonyms. Whether you give a treat or have a treat, both ways YOU are happy to spend out for the bill and also pay a ‘TIP’. But why do we NOT care for ‘when we CAN give, do something to feed those needy.’

Please respond for the little ones…..empathize…..react before it’s too late….You can do it if you believe you can.

Not to hurt anyone personally!