Fascinating Facts

1. Balance of Human Body

A stunning fact this is! Most of us think that our body is balanced, I mean we are able to stand straight due to our two great legs. In fact, this is not true.

The ‘Endolymph’ and ‘Perilymph’ (a type of fluids) present in our ear canal help us balance our body and maintain our body posture.

2. Nerves send information at the speed of 100 meters per second.  (1 kilometer per 10 seconds) – Just imagine, how speed you can catch up on your bikes?

3. The chambers of human lungs when spread out – cover an area of 160 square meters.

4. A blue whale weighs 1,50,000 Kg, its heart weighing 750 Kg, and its heart beating 7 times/minute.

5. Coal tit bird weighs only 8 gm, its heart weighing 0.15 gm and its heart beating 1200/minute.


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