Must or Have to?

We have to accept the fact that this language has been its influence all over the world.

This section is intended to offer all interesting and useful information you may need to grow up in the ‘English‘ arena.

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Difference between ‘Must’ and “Have to’

Often confused between these two verbs…but unlike any other confusing cases of ‘English’, there is a sort of clarity if carefully observed.

Lets see some examples…hey do not miss the info in braces..very important

Must (More personal)

  • I must buy some vegetables today. (You decided)
  • I must get up early tomorrow.  (You decided) [I wish I could stand on this ;)]

Have to (By others)

  • I have to reach office by 9:30 AM tomorrow. (It’s one of the rules set by your company)
  • I have to give this application before last date. (The last date is announced by some authorities)

In the above examples, it is clear that ‘Must’ is used when you do something under personal obligation. On the other hand, ‘Have to’ is used just because an obligation is set by others.

Now, as every coin has two sides….each concept in English has a different face when the favourite ‘NO’ comes into picture.

Must Not –

Use this when you are asking somebody, not to do something. (Or)

You feel that doing something is wrong.


  • You must not break any glass.
  • I must not go out with strangers.

Not have to

Use this when you feel you or somebody can skip some task or have an option.


  • We do not have to finish eating all apples today. [Part of this can be completed next day ;)]
  • You do not have to take an auto tomorrow. I will drop you at your school.

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