Have or Having

Here is a short conversation

Mr. A – Hi Mr.B! Nice to meet you after long time.

Mr. B – Hello Mr. A! I too was wondering, how come we didn’t get a chance to see each other for so long.

Mr. A – Yeah, I should agree that I was having a busy schedule.

Mr. B – ???!! Having Schedule!!?? (within himself – Does he have schedule for breakfast or lunch, ridiculous!!)

Mr. A (Looking at Mr. B’s expression) – Why, have I said anything wrong?

Mr. B – No, well….I should say Yes. A small correction in what you said, you could say – I had a busy schedule and not saying I was having a busy schedule. 

Learning – ‘Having’ in its present participle form means – consume something, intake as food, etc

Example as simple as that:-

Incorrect– I am having a bike.

Correct – I have a bike.