Lost ICICI ATM card / Debit Card?

I have personally experienced the fast services of ICICI bank people, how they respond to your query or concern.

I lost my ATM card. In fact, my card was sucked into an HDFC ATM machine.

What you could do –

  • Call up the customer care number relevant to your location (
  • Block the card immediately. (Have your account number ready for reference)
  • You need to have a minimum of 300 INR in your savings account.
  • The re-issued card would be charged 225 /-. So you must have sufficient balance to place a request for new card.
  • If you want the card at the instance, walk in to the nearest ICICI bank with your proof of Identity (could be your PAN card, Driving license or any such that has your photograph, in original and a xerox copy of the same)
  • An executive would direct you what needs to be done.
  • Within a five minute duration, you will see yourself in front of a person concerned…addressing your query.
  • Sign on a simple form and it’s all done. GREAT, isn’t it?
  • Your new card will get activated in 24 hours from the issue time. Probably, you get a message about the activation.

I immediately felt like filling out a feedback form with an excellent rating for the kind of services offered.


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