T1. AutoSum shortcut key (Windows)

No worries! I know you don’t have much time to go thru a series of steps.

What you need to do –

Select the cell below the last number. Hold down  and press twice and there you go 🙂

A one step solution to all your basic ‘Sum’ tasks. Good luck!!

T2. Consolidate data in Excel 2007

You may come across some instances where you have lots of data scattered around in your Excel worksheet and you need to consolidate those islands.
This example shows you how to consolidate the values provided for certain repeated items on a worksheet.

May be something similar to the one shown below

Image 1

I know how hard it is to sit all day long and skip your plans for the pleasant evening.

Let’s do some smart work.

  • Select the destination cells as shown below

Step 1

  • Go to Data tab on the ribbon.

Step 2

  • Click on Consolidate button.

Step 3

  • A window will be displayed

Step 4

  • Click on the Select button.
  • Click on the cell A2 to select it and drag through E9 and press Enter.
  • Click on Add button. Make sure the Left column check box is selected.
  • Click on OK button and see the Excel magic.

Mission Accomplished

You have all your data consolidated item wise. If you still want to have some refinement, copy paste the months header to the relevant cells above the consolidated values.

LIKE this! 🙂

T3. Add or remove columns or rows in 2 steps

To add a row or column quickly in

1. Select the row(s) or column(s) where you want to insert these.

2. Hold down Ctrl, Shift and press ‘+’. Repeat to insert multiple rows and columns.

To remove a row or column

1. Select the row(s) or column(s) you want to delete.

2. Press Ctrl and ‘-‘ . Repeat to insert multiple rows and columns.

T4. Copy a set of elements to next column

Not a copy paste trick, as it sound pretty conventional. Let’s try something new!

Let’s say you have all data elements in column B.

Excel tip4

And you have to copy entire data to column C. Then

1. Select column B and column C.


2. Press Ctrl and R.

Zoooooom, pretty fast. It’s done!!!


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