QuickTipImage.jpg on Word compatibility mode

If you are working with equation in MS Word, save file as .docx which is a version supported in Office 2007 and later. Saving a document in .doc would disable the equation tab. Image below for ref


Shortcut to insert an image in your word document

  1. Place cursor at the required position in your document.
  2. Press Alt+N+P simultaneously.
  3. Browse to the file location, select the image file and Insert.

Note– Placement of cursor at exact point in the document is the initial step.

Shortcut to insert Object in MS Word

In fact, I do not see any direct keyboard shortcut unless one configured using Macros….

What I would generally use is Alt+N+J+J and you get the Insert Object window displayed.

  1. Click on Create from File tab.
  2. Click Browse button and locate the file on your local system on any network places.
  3. Select the Display as icon check box. The selected file will be displayed exactly where you have your cursor placed in the document.

Note– Placement of cursor at exact point in the document is the initial step.

Have a great day!

How to update caption for all images in a document

This is a tip required by one who has knowledge of Styles and Formatting in MS Word, basically, a technical writer would love to see this tip as I know.

The scenario is…

You have some hundred-two hundred images with their captions in the document. Now you have inserted one more image somewhere in the middle of the document. Here you get into a fix. 

You can’t sit at that list minute of document delivery and update each caption till the end of the document.

What you can do is….

  • Delete the caption of the last image and re-insert the caption. It’s all done.
  • All captions get automatically updated.

OR you can also do this.

  • Place cursor on one of the captions.
  • Open Styles pane. Click on the little drop-down icon and choose Select all instances.
  • Now, right-click on the caption numeral and select Update. It’s all done.

Hey there!!

We get a lot of text most of the times with lots of hyperlinks (sometimes, may be not).

Now when you copy paste this text to a word document… would not want to retain the hyperlinks and want the plain text, as is.

How would you do that….

Remove all hyperlinks in a Word document at a shot.

Just do this

  • Select the text along with hyperlinks (You can also use Ctrl + A).
  • Now press Ctrl + Shift + F9.
  • Save the document.

Whatelse, it’s done…..

Conditions apply – May not work with the links in a table….will get back with a solution for that too…till then….Bye



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