Positive Minds!

1. Problems and we

The other day I was thinking what actually this so called term ‘Problem’ is!.

And then I was into a big smile thinking of those who really claim to be dealing with this.

Does every problem really have a solution for it? How do we perceive them? Each of us has our own thoughts, skills, likes, wisdom, etc.


Putting it in a small scenario…..

Let’s say you have a pebble on the wall. You care not whether it lies there or falls down.

Next, let’s say there is a flower pot with a poor bottom on the same wall next to the pebble, swaying even by a light breeze. Now, this may worry you a little bit for a fall of it on any person may lead to serious injuries.

May it not be your problem. But you do not want any mishap occurring.

What would you do?

You simply stand staring at the flower pot, keep saying to yourself, ‘I am trying’. Or go get the flower pot down to a place safe for all.

Exactly, this is what most of us keep doing in our regular routine. We say we try to avoid / solve problems. But literally, we are not. You say you are trying to do something equals to ‘you doing nothing’.

Only two terms exist, Do it or Do it Not. ‘Try’ is a hypothetical defense mechanism practiced by the chicken-hearted, is what I opine.


You may have a solution to your problem or might be somebody else has. This somebody else is the one who has already experienced the heat of it (problem). So this somebody would help you out to see the light.

Personal intellect also plays it own part in this drama. So listen to it first, as You and your life are unique under the sun.

Supposing that you do not find a solution to your problem, just have a cup of coffee and relax. What best could you do if not you solve the problem.

Be prepared for the worst case scenarios and let things happen. Remember, this must be your last resort. (1 out of thousand will have to do this, so chill; as you cannot be so lucky to see how worst feels like!)


3 thoughts on “Positive Minds!

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    Fellow Men – Many judgments, ego’s all will be thoroghly analysed and prosecuted and given!

    So basically annayya, Ppl will prefer donating in temples. As they wont know where there money has went! 😀 😛

    Just a thought.. 🙂

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