Selfie Corner


Thanks for coming to this page with an enthuse to know who and what I am, and why I am here…

I started this blog to get connected to the world.

I am here, basically, for knowledge-sharing. [You might already have glanced at my caption, up there. – 🙂 ]. Whatever, the li’l pieces of gyan I have got, I am gonna ‘fit in’ them here….right away.

Believe me, it’s up to you how you choose the useful pieces and share them across….

Hope this sounds a bit interesting, right!

Day-2 of my blogging

I was thinking on how to reach my friends on creative grounds…..

So thought of spending lots and lots of time in creative writing during weekends. Some approach towards truthful means of life.

I was in the idea of turning this blog into a mini encyclopaedia…. you have a doubt…a challenge or a problem and you should be able to trace your answer here….

Enough of words….now see you soon with some actions! As of now need to have a good sleep 😉


..only if it interests you..else I have many interesting facts around in this blog for your attention…

Was born in Guntur, AP, India..brought up in Madhya Pradesh  (now Chattisgarh)

Current profession – For now, passionately a technical writer

Career started as – started on daily wages, then a sales-boy @ Kakinada….

Later – A teacher of English at different schools for over 6 years. I am really thankful to the management teams, otherwise I would never be what I am today now.

This is where I learnt what a teacher is in literal sense. ‘Love students….they will love your subject..success follows’..An angel said this to me and I blindly followed. Today I know a large set of students who love English.

Then, moved on further in life to meet my ‘Love’ and got married to her.

Next – Worked as an instructor of Communication Skills. Here, I was given an opportunity to step up to an altogether new career.

Teqnium Consultancy Services (which is now a reputed IT company – Qudratyx), where I turned to a trained Technical Writer…I cordially thank the management for bringing in this shift.

And…Now a professional corporate technical writer who is craving to do the next BIG thing for the teaching base.

Stunning thing – I am now at the tech-giant IBM and with the blessings of the one who helped me explore the tech-writing skills in me. I am an IBMer from the house of an ex-IBMer.

So from here we can move back to the first couple of feelings at the beginning of this page.

When I see myself..I have done nothing (rather accomplished much to my level) so far and still remain a speck on this heavenly body.

For now, this is ‘ME’. Here, to discover ‘MORE ME’ among my students….and fellow men on the Internet, who carry a ‘feel’ in sync with that of mine.

What I like the most –

  • Talk to people around me (or I can say good listeners :P)
  • Listen to Kishore Da’s songs and tap my foot for ‘Hip-Hop’ 
  • I love lily among flowers (as simple as that)
  • Passionate about working out ( I am a ‘Gymmy‘ guy) You can find me in Gym if not at home!
  • Love to add poetic touch to my feelings; ‘Being  lyricist’.. (a two-year toddler in TFI)
  • Crazy about long-drives (provided I am behind the wheel)
  • I believe in – Never form opinion about people (you see a bit of them from your perspective, so creating an opinion is bad).
  • Finally, You who has been so very patient to read all this :))

Have a fabulous day!


3 thoughts on “Selfie Corner

    • We, the teaching community, have always been leaving a mark behind towards improvising the student capabilities and skill set.
      Thanks for joining me here. Hope to get this support forever. Keep posting. 🙂

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