May 23, 2016

I know, I left this for a couple of years altogether; I have been swimming across a variety of soup which I fell into intentionally.

Since I purchased my previous flat in 2013, I have been comparing ins and outs of the decision already made. I sold it off finally, freed myself from the feel that constantly let me down, a feel that made me feel ‘I’ compromised on my dream home. But, end of the day I am out of it.

I have ventured into a new flat now. But that cost me my car, my spouse’s job and what not. My family, people who know about this decision of mine, and above all ‘I’ am happy that I could find something I envisioned to be ‘My Home’.

May be I own that this December, sooner or later I succeeded in rejuvenating myself.

Catch you soon with updates!

Jan 06, 2013

I was spending my time all Saturday and Sunday with my family. Especially, the cute little one would never let me feel bored.

Awaiting the next long weekend, the festive mood is all set in.

Towards Sunday evening, had a nice ride on my bike with the better half.

Forgot, I started making my wife to learn car driving this morning. May be she’s gonna be the 2nd driver during my next long drive to …..guess!


May be the next Friday, before the world witnesses dawn, I will be seen on a road similar to this when I get heading towards —-.

Man Proposes God Disposes……

On positive grounds after the above desperate disappointment, I now decided to spend this weekend on a totally different scale and mood.

Need to get the car serviced and then visit 2 occasions of marriage.

Again proved that We plan a lot ignoring that things have already been decided THERE UP!

Could not move an inch from home due to severe pain in my lower spine. So decided to sit back here and do something more useful.

On the day of Nov 30, 2012….

Even till this moment, I have been just on a plan a bit different…this trip has been planned for Yadagirigutta temple …60 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad.

Planning to get tonsured…myself and my lovely hero Bunty.

Will update soon on what happened!

On the day of Dec 10, 2012

So we had a visit to the glorious temple and had our votive offered to God. But it was a kind of strenuous journey as we had to travel all the way from our place to the temple. May not be anything strange about this but the added hours of journey this time made me feel literally tired, me driving all the way.

On the way back, we had a visit to our cousin’s. Had a relaxing time and started back home.

A home is a home at the end of the day.

The following week till today, day went on a hectic pace. Regular routine, client calls….and many more…

Planning to take off on Dec 20th and 21st spend some time with my people.

Again lots and lots of plans in the pipeline. In fact this is a vicious loop the current generation is getting into.

Anyways, getting a very nice sleep now….have a great day ahead. 🙂



Overwhelmed with an incredible joy of travelling..a long drive…..weeks of waiting….

Now is the time when I will see myself on a HIGhway.

Will be in Kakinada and villages around for the next 4 days…might be back on Sunday morning or definitely by evening.

Till then have a nice weekend, you all!!


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